Grafted Plants in cups

These are grafted plants aged 4 months. Plants in a cup can provide a solution to the viticulturist when he is not able to find the combination between the rootstock-the variety- and the clone he wishes. They have more advantages compared to standard rooted grafted plants:


• Faster plant growth.

•Grape production capacity in one year and a half from planting.

• Plants in a cup are not subject to various "stress", unlike grafted plants (winter) until they reach the viticulturist, resulting in better plant physiology.

• Longer vineyard life.

• Plants can be grafted with mycorrhiza of various plants during yielding and are available on demand.


Given that cups should be planted from the end of April until mid-June water from an irrigation system is a prerequisite. Orders should be placed in the vine nursery by 15th January at the latest.