Grafted Plants in cups

These are 4-month-old grafted plants. Plants in cups, can provide a solution for a vintner when he cannot find the rootstock-variety-clone combination he desires.

They present several advantages compared to classic bare root grafted plants:

• Faster growth speed.
• Possibility of producing grapes in 1.5 years from planting.
• They are not subjected to various "stresses", in contrast to bare root grafted plants, until they reach the vine grower, resulting in better physiology of the plants.

• Longer vineyard lifespan.

• Plants can be inoculated with mycorrhizal strains during their production, upon request.

Cups must be planted from the end of April to the middle of June, a necessary condition is the existence of water through an irrigation network. Any order must be placed at the nursery by January 15th.