Rooted grafted plants

One year old plants cultivated in the vine nursery. They are 28 - 38 cm long and are available every year from the beginning of January to the end of June.  The preparation procedure of rooted grafted plants lasts one year and a half and starts 16 months before their release on the market. Therefore orders for plants should be placed at least 1 year and a half before the plants are by the viticulturist.

Rooted grafted plants are available in bundles of 25 pieces and in cartons of 400 pieces in total. They are divided nto two quality categories, the Standard category and the Certified category.

A. Standard Category
In Greece, until recently, the material that propagates, until today in Greek nurseries, is the material found in conventional vineyards. This is where the grafts of each variety are collected and then they start the propagation process. This material belongs to the standard category. In this case of material, if the nursery has proprietary graft nurseries and continuously monitors and labels the plants from where they receive grafts, then this material, even when considered  to be standard, is more reliable in terms of variety identity and some key diseases according to the latest legislation: 1080/99222/08-04-2020 MD (Β΄ 1415):

- mycology e.g. esca,

- bacteriology e.g. agrobacterium spp.

- phytoplasmas e.g. flavescence dorée

In this case, the VNB Standard plant material comes exclusively from the nursery's graft nurseries.


B. Certified Category
The certified material is closely related to the clonal selection process, which has been the classical process to improve the vine plant material for over 60 years. It is a process that enhances he advantages of the varieties, creating enormous stability in the yield and quality characteristics of the grapes.  The quality characteristics of the varieties such as the colour, the aromatic intensity, the volume and the quality of tannins are increased by 30 up to 80%.

Due to the very strict phytosanitary process, the material derived is in the best possible condition with regard to wood diseases (eska), bacteria, and phytoplasmas. It goes without saying that the material is 100% free from the most basic viruses of the vine.

The certified material is a prerequisite for the creation of uniform, high yield and economically viable vineyards.