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Vine Nurseries Bakasietas started its activity in 1981, when Panagiotis and Georgia Bakasieta, as young winegrowers, founded the nursery in Leontio Nemeas. Their love and passion for the cultivation and propagation of the vine...


VNB-BAKASIETA offers a very wide selection of grapevone varieties and rootstocks. As a result, it perfectly meets the need of the vinegrower as well as the particularities of each terroir.


VNB is a company with a holistic approach to the production and propagation of vine plants. The main product categories it produces are traditional bare-rooted plants, bare-rooted rootstocks, rootstock cuttings, plants in pots, grapevine buds...


Research is an integral part of VNB. The vision of creating continuously improved products leads us to the study, research of chronic production and multiplication problems, through research programs (HELLENOINOS &...

Plant Nursery

Our high sense of responsibility towards vinegrowers, leads us to invest in all the productive stages of the nursery. Our facilities are constantly being improved, enlarged and modernized...


VNB's experienced team of viticultural agronomists informs you about the production process, good cultivation practices, the company's research work and the latest in the field of grapevine propagating material.