The Company

The company VNB-BAKASIETAS started its activity in 1981, when the founders of the company Panagiotis and Georgia Bakasietas, young vine growers at the time, established the nursery in Leontio Nemea. They then passed on their love and dedication for the cultivation and propagation of the vine to the second generation, Vassilis and Costantinos Bakasietas. Armed with their vast knowledge and hard work, they transformed the nursery into a model vine propagation units in Europe.  Research and development play a key role in the character of the company, as the company goal is to ensure the offer of improved and better quality products. VNB's innovative and research-based character is shared with suppliers, agronomists, vine growers, winemakers, academics, researchers, and customers around the world. All this accumulated knowledge and experience of our people, ensure that the vine-growers grow plants that are of high quality and incomparable reliability, and that they are always accompanied by the guarantee and seal of VNB – BAKASIETAS.