Mother Plantations

The quality of the Certified propagating material is one of the main advantages of our nursery.  The supply of basic material is done from unique centers worldwide (IFV, Hellenifera) and the geography and topography (location) of the Alea area, make it a highly isolated area with minimal conventional vineyards.

VNB controls, protects and guarantees the high phytosanitary status of its plant material, by carrying out more than 7000 virological test every year, conducted with absolute traceability.

Rootstock mother-plants

VNB cultivates 17 hectares on privately owned estates for the production of rootstocks:

R 110 : 5,2 hectares
1103 P : 4,4 hectares
41 B  : 3,3 hectares
140 Ru : 2,3 hectares
SO4 : 1,2 hectares
5 BB : 0,33 hectares
101-14 : 0,1 hectares
3309 C : 0,2 hectares

Mother plantations of international varieties

For the first time in Greece, VNB is planting mother plants from international grape varieties. So after 12 years we cultivate 5 hectares with 59 clones from 26 different varieties. This is a material of incomparable quality, which really guarantees the health and longevity of vineyards.

The varieties cultivated in VNB's mother plantations are the following:

Syrah / Cabernet-Sauvignon / Merlot / Mourvèdre / Grenache N / Pinot noir / Cabernet franc / Sauvignon / Chardonnay / Riesling / Gewurztraminer / Viognier / Ugni blanc / Muscat white (MPG) / Malvasia Aromatica / Muscat of Alexandria / Italia / Cardinal / Victoria / Muscat of Hambourg / Sultanina / Dattier de Beyrouth / Alphonse Lavallée

Mother plantations of Greek varieties

The mother plantations of grafts from Greek varieties are a great innovation of VNB for the grapevine sector of Greece. It is a healthy and certified material produced in the framework of VNB's collaboration with IFV, (as Hellenifera).

The first varieties that are in the propagation stage are:

Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, Roditis, Moschofilero, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani white, Limniona, Vidiano, Vilana, Kotsifali, Monemvasia, Robola, Sabvatiano, Corinthian Raisin, Crimson seedless, Red Globe, Sultanina, Attica